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Women Produced, Women Roasted, & Women Owned

On The Go Jo invites you to say YES to Equitable, Ethical, and Experiential coffee by women producers from around the world! Say YES to specialty coffee that ignites and excites your senses. Brighten up your day with the perfect brew just for you. Whether you like your coffee black, with cream, or something in between, we promise that at first sip, you’ll taste our commitment to delicious, exceptionally roasted coffee.

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Our Story

On The Go Jo started in August 2018 by three girlfriends serving whimsical, innovative drinks. Outfitted in our signature red lips, we traveled around the Chicagoland area with our mobile coffee cart serving beverages that pushed the boundaries of the traditional cup of Jo. Now we bring the spirit of On The Go Jo to the comfort of your own home. We invite you to try our speciality coffees, hand-crafted loose-leaf teas, and all-natural simple syrups to discover your perfect cup of Jo!

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Give The Gift of Jo

Looking for something for someone special? Give the gift of Jo with our Barista-in-a-box featuring our delicious simple syrup and ethical sourced beans.Looking for something special for that special someone? Give the gift of Jo with our Barista-in-a-Box featuring our ethically sourced beans and handcrafted simple syrup.


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