Out of Office: Rwanda
Out of Office: Rwanda
Out of Office: Rwanda
Out of Office: Rwanda
Out of Office: Rwanda

Out of Office

Description: Clock out and unwind with this delicate and delicious single origin from Rwanda. Out of Office is here to help you release the stress of your busy day. Offering an impeccably silky finish, this Rwandan single origin has a milder flavor for those looking to savor their cup of Jo. Notes of citrus and berries combine with a raspberry aroma to create a smooth and satisfying roast. Off duty? Treat yourself with a cup of Out of Office. 


Origin Rwanda

Acidity Low in acidity

Taste Berries, Citrusy

Mouthfeel Silky, rich

Aroma Sweet, Raspberry

Roast Medium

Grind Type Whole beans

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About the Farmer

The newest addition to the On the Go Jo family, Kula Coffee centers their operations in Rwanda, a resilient and fast-developing nation in the heart of Africa. Each bag sold helps to support 150 coffee farmers in the Twongere Kawa Coko cooperative, a group created by the Kula Fellowship. 

This fellowship invests time, care, and funds into blossoming entrepreneurs in Rwanda through an intense 5-step approach. This program seeks to increase female-led businesses by many metrics, including financial literacy, nutrition, and mentorship, but especially through the generation of a belief in oneself in every fellow. Towards the end of their journey, students have the opportunity to submit business plans for investment and support beyond their fellowship days.

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